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homemade video clip 家庭短片 双语例句 Nvidia though, says that what's driving demand online is homemade 3D video andpictures. 但英伟达公司表示,家庭自制的3D视频和图像正在促进人们对3D网页的需求。 ********************************...

chinese homemade video 全部释义和例句>> 国产家庭制造视频

自制视频home made videos

1 I can make the experience into use . 2 Let us go home now . 3 We see him dancing on the playground . 4 His joke made us laugh .

(Making love) out of nothing at all, (making love) out of nothing at ...Can I take you home girl (can I take you home girl)Get you all alone...

make sb. do sth.让某人做某事 主动 sb. be made to do sth. 某人被让做某事 被动

however, taking the astonished Sylvia by the hand, glided into her mistress’s cabin with a scornful laugh, and shut the door behind her


HOME MADE家族bleach的《THANK YOU!!》和《サンキュー!!》————————————SoulJa的声音好低沉...跟HOME MADE家族的KURO有的一拼...我不否认他的...

homemade food 自制的食物 双语对照 例句: 1. "The idea is to deliver elegant homemade food in a restaurant," he said. 2. Greeks are not homemade food only because they are not from Africa, like the mosquitoes.


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