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Take A Bow - Rihanna Ohh how about a round of applause Yeah standing ovation Ooh ohh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah You look so dumb right now Standing' outside my house Tryin' to apologize You're so ugly when you cry Please just cut...

你好。这首歌名就是叫做 Beautiful 刚刚开始就是唱着 爸爸爸爸爸爸 串烧歌曲网 有这首歌。 你到那里搜索一下 爸爸爸 就能找到了。应该就是你要的这首了哦。dj版的 如果是 希望采纳

I will survive 群星唱的 后面一部分是啦啦啦啦 啦啦啦啦

听歌学英语软件, 里边全是经典的英文歌曲,

pretty boy I lie awake at night See things in black and white I've only got you inside my mind You know you have made me blind I lie awake and pray That you will look my way I have all this longing in my heart I knew it right f...

枪炮与玫瑰的don't cry居然都没人知道?? don' crt ------Guns N' Roses

你这个靠谱吗,我加你 你发给我,或者直接发我邮xiang, 一八五三5二03七@qq点com

你说的应该是英文发音: my love my love my love 《My love》是由西域男孩演唱的一首歌曲,是其专辑《Coast To Coast》的第一主打单曲。张学友翻唱过。

Fire 歌手:Gavin Degraw Oh if there's one thing to be taught it's dreams are made to be caught and friends can never be bought Doesn't matter how long it's been I know you'll always jump in 'Cause we don't know how to quit Let'...

《电音之王》《摇摆哥慢曳《最美丽的花》《如果我是DJ》《贾斯汀比伯 baby 》《Lady Gaga - Poker Face》《偏爱》《爱上你我傻乎乎》我就听出这些、给分吧!


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